I love everything about architectural photography, from the quiet dialogue that exists between the space and the viewer, to tracking the arc of the sun to determine when to shoot a space to its ideal advantage. I’ve always been fascinated with the different ways a building or interior can be interpreted by how it has been photographed. They say the camera never lies, but it can have an opinion and it most definitely has influence.

Before I began devoting my time exclusively to photography, I worked for an interior design firm in New York and an architectural firm in Los Angeles. This background developed my understanding of what these disciplines require from a photographer. I’m known for the calm, drama-free atmosphere I bring to a shoot, always keeping in mind that these images may well be your only tangible evidence of the project you worked so hard for and therefore need to be spot on.

I received a BFA in photography from the prestigious Cooper Union in New York on a full scholarship and later, a master’s degree in industrial designs from Pratt Institute in New York – also on scholarship. I’ve specialized in translating designed spaces to dynamic images on film and in digital formats since 2000.

Please contact me if you have a project that is at or nearing completion, or to ask any questions you may have about my services.